Bagger is has been a breeder's dream!!  He has done everything I have ever asked of him.  He has been a top 10 irish setter, has multiple specialty wins, and won Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at the Irish Setter National in May 2011 at 9 years old.  He has the most amazing temperament and has produced his temperament in his offspring.  He has such a beautiful headpiece, topline, and tailset. 

Blaise finished her championship very easily as she moves like a dream!  She has a delightful temperament and just wants to please.  She is so fun to show and she loves it.  We nicknamed her "kangaroo" because she gets so excited in the ring that she jumps all over!  Her brother is Pierce (CH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact) was Reserve Winner's Dog at the Arizona National at 6 months old.  He finished very easily as did Blaise.  She finished her championship with a 5 point specialty major at 18 months old!  

10/4/11 - Blaise has her puppies!!! 
We only had two boys (I knew it was going to be a small litter) - but they are beautiful!!  Blaise did a great job whelping them and she is a fantastic mother.  I will post some pictures of the boys soon!  So glad that everyone is healthy and Blaise is doing great....

10/7/11  - Puppies had their dewclaws removed today.  They are both doing fine.  They are growing fast and Blaise is being a great mother.  It is hard to get her to leave the puppies even to go outside!

10/9/11 - The "boys" are doing great - getting bigger every day!  Blaise is such a good mother.  She is finally leaving them for short periods of time to go outside and run. 

10/11/11 - I don't think the green boy can even move his feet he is so fat!  He reminds me of a sumo wrestler!! lol  Blue boy is growing so fast as well.  Blaise is doing great - getting out and running in the yard now and getting some exercise.  She is loving our beautiful fall weather!

10/13/11 - Puppies are doing great.  Had to change their collars again.  They are both big boys!!  Just waiting for their eyes to open...

10/15/11 - Very tough day today for Galewinns - we lost the green boy today.  The vet thinks it was "aspiration pneumonia".  He went downhill so fast - we had him to the vet within an hour but it was still too late.  Absolutely breaks my heart - he was such a beautiful puppy.  Blaise was really confused and spent at least an hour when we got home looking for her puppy.  I think she finally understood that he wasn't coming back.  Just heartbreaking...makes me wonder why I breed sometimes.

10/16/11 - Blaise is doing better today.  I spent a lot of time with her - we played ball in the yard, went for a long walk, etc.  She got a bath and groomed today.  Just wanted her to know how much we love her.  The blue boy is doing fine - both Blaise and I haven't taken our eyes off of him.  He has both eyes partially open and seems to be doing fine.  Just seems lonely in the whelping box without his brother:)

10/30/11 - Please see text from above with Katie's litter.  I have now "combined" the two litters so Blaise is caring for her puppy plus 3 of Katie's.  It is so good for her puppy to have "siblings" and someone to play with.  See above for pictures also as I am now posting them all together.  Blaise's puppy is the Blue collared boy in the white whelping box.

Bagger/Blaise Puppies