"Sasha" (CH. Kaycess Galewinns Pucker UP MLD has been bred!!!  She was bred to MBISS Ch. Wagsmore's Captivating ML ROMX.  A surgical implant has been done with frozen semen.   Puppies are due around January 21th.  Stay tuned....we are truly excited for this litter!  Scroll down to see the pedigree for this litter.

12/23/11 - Ultrasound done today and Sasha is pregnant!!!  We saw 5+ puppies in there and we are THRILLED!!

1/13/12 - Sasha is getting big!!  Doing great - running outside and eating everything in sight.  We are watching her very closely as puppies are due as early as next Thursday.  Keep checking back for updates.

1/19/12 - We are getting close - she has dropped her temperature and is getting uncomfortable...isn't going to be long before we have puppies.  Stay tuned...

1/20/12 - Sasha had 4 puppies last night!!   She whelped them really easily and we are so proud of her!  We have 4 males - can you believe it!  Three are silver dapples and 1 is a black and tan.  This is our 2nd litter of all males....I guess you could say we have a strong male line here!! lol  Stay tuned for pictures...mom & babes are all doing great.

Show and pet inquiries welcome - please contact me at
galewinns@digis.net or Sherry Ceplius at kayceeminis@mesanetworks.net.

Tommy/Sasha puppies