Bagger/Blaise Puppies

Bagger is has been a breeder's dream!! He has done everything I have ever asked of him. He has been a top 10 irish setter, has multiple specialty wins, and won Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at the Irish Setter National in May 2011 at 9 years old. He has the most amazing temperament and has produced his temperament in his offspring. He has such a beautiful headpiece, topline, and tailset.

Blaise finished her championship very easily as she moves like a dream! She has a delightful temperament and just wants to please. She is so fun to show and she loves it. We nicknamed her "kangaroo" because she gets so excited in the ring that she jumps all over! Her brother is Pierce (CH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact) was Reserve Winner's Dog at the Arizona National at 6 months old. He finished very easily as did Blaise. She finished her championship with a 5 point specialty major at 18 months old!

I repeated this breeding as it produced a lovely boy on the last litter.  However we only have the one puppy so I though it was worth rebreeding.  However, when we did the breeding the vet said that Bagger's semen was "good" but not great.  So, at that point I wanted to make sure that Blaise gets pregnant as she is 4.5 years old and this is my "last shot" at her.  So, I also bred her to a young dog (hence young sperm!).  The young dog is Keliaire Just Stranded and is a dog that I have admired since he was born a year ago.  I like the entire litter so felt it would be a good addition to this breeding.  Wilson is a big boy just like Bagger with lots of bone and a pretty head.  I will DNA the puppies once they are born to see who the sire is of each and every puppy.  I will actually be pretty excited if there are puppies from both sires - kind of like a "two for one"!! lol  I am working on getting a picture of Wilson and will get it posted soon. 

3/22/12 - We did an ultrasound today and Blaise is pregnant!!  We saw at least 7 puppies so it is going to be a big litter.  I am thrilled.  Now to see who the sire/s are once they are born!  Puppies are due April 22, 2012.

- We have puppies!!!  We have 3 girls and 1 boy.  The 5th puppy "got stuck".  I rushed Blaise to the emergency vet clinic and they were able to pull the puppy but unfortunately she was already gone.  Broke my heart....but thank God that the other 4 are doing great.  Blaise is an amazing mom and is taking very good care of her four babies.  In fact, I have to put them in a basket with a heating pad to get her leave the whelping box just to go outside!!  Pictures to come...hopefully tonight.  I should have posted last night but Blaise and I were exhausted after "our" long day.  It feels like we BOTH had puppies! lol

4/25/12 - Puppies are doing great!  Growing so fast...had their dew claws removed today at the vet.  Blaise was going balistic waiting for the puppies - she is such a good mom.  
4/29/12 - A week old today!  Hard to believe they were born a week ago - so glad they are here and doing well.  They are getting big bellies on them and growing fast.

5/17/12 - Puppies continue to grow fast and are doing great!  They will growl now when they hear a strange noise and bark at each other which is too cute!!  Very uniform litter - all about the same size and build.  They are getting more active - I know they will figure out how to crawl out of the whelping box soon!  They love to be held and played with...and kissed on all over! lol  All of the DNA has been sent to AKC so just waiting to find out who daddy is.  It is suppose to take 6-8 weeks to get results and I mailed it out on the 7th of May.

- I posted the puppies first stacked pictures - they were a little nervous on the table so they aren't perfect pictures but at least you get an idea.  I am sure pleased at how they are growing up!!!

Blaise Puppies