"Reine" Galewinns Four Queens


CH. Galewinns Kaycees Four Queens MLD

(GCH. Galewinns Kaycees Golden Ticket MLD x GCH. Galewinns Kaycees Partner In Crime ML)
Whelped 5/9/2016          HP514154/02
Reine (pronouced rainy) is the girl that I kept out of the repeat breeding of Willy to Caper.  Her name comes from the french word for "Queen" which is Reine. She is so balanced and moves effortlessly.  She has her dad's pretty face and thick coat and her mom's sound rear. She got her pretty front from both!!  Can't wait to watch her grow up.

Season - 1/29/17, 10/31/17, 1/30/19, 11/18/19    Rab -3/26/18 Canine Flu-7/16/17

11/11/16 - Reine wins her first point today under j. Del Richards.  So proud of how she showed for her first time.

11/13/16 - Reine wins her second point under j. Dale Simmons. How fun!

1/8/16 - Reine wins 3 point major in at the Palm Springs show out of the 6-9 month puppy class.  Only her second show! Thank you to j.  Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-cavanna.
4/8/2017 - Reine wins two points under j. Adrian Woodfork.  Her brother Devin goes BOW for two points as well!  What a fun day!
5/26/17 - Reine goes first in her class at DCA (12-18 mo).  What a nice win - so proud of her.
6/25/17 - Reine goes Winners Bitch for a 3 point major under j. Del Richards.  Now she has her second major!!
6/27/17 - Reine goes Winners Bitch for her 3rd major - 3 points under j. Donnelle Richards.
7/8/17 - Reine goes Winners Bitch for 2 points to finish her championship under. Terry Stacy.  She sure finished quickly!  Now to mature for her "specials" career.
December 2017 - Reine is shown for the first time in awhile - we went to Florida to the Royal Canin Invitational.  There were 42 longhair dachshunds entered and Reine went Select Bitch!!!  I was so pleased - it was a great win for her and a nice way to start garnering points for her grand championship!
2/16/18 - Reine wins Best of Breed at the Plum Creek show under j. Alan Odom.  She was BOS the next day under j. Kenneth Tippie and Select under j. Sid Marx.