Marx has an absolutely amazing record - both in the show ring and the field.  He is the ONLY living male DUAL CHAMPION in the world!!  He finished his field championship on Oct. 25, 2008 and he finished his Amateur championship on Dec. 14, 2008.  He easily finished his conformation championship.  He has beautiful movement, lovely head, topline & tailset, and needless to say, an amazing nose in the field.  I feel so very fortunate to get to breed to a dog of his caliber who has accomplished these amazing feats. 

Journey (click on her name to go to her page) finished her championship easily in spite of her antics - she always got so wound up in the show ring (just like her father I might add! lol).  After she was finished, I decided to take her to a hunt test "for fun".  Well, she scored a perfect score and simply amazed me with her field talents.  She has been training with Ben Garcia of Hideaway Kennels and has accomplished her Junior Hunter Title and will be working toward her senior and master hunter titles this fall (after the breeding of course!).  Journey has a wonderful temperament, loves all people including children, and has beautifully clean and efficient movement. 

10/11/09 - PUPPIES ARE HERE!!  We had 15 puppies but lost the last two - they were just in there too long.  Broke my heart but the other 13 are all doing fantastic!!  We have 7 boys and 6 girls.  Journey was amazing - what a strong girl she is.  She is being a wonderful mother and took to the pups right away. Both her and I are exhausted and now the real work begins!!  Scroll down for some early pictures.  I am so relieved....

10/12/09 -
Puppies are all doing well and had  good night.  They have all gained weight nicely and are all agressively nursing.  Journey is being a wonderful mother - very gentle and attentive.  She looks sooo much better back to her normal weight - and she can pee outside again! yeah!!!  Not getting much sleep but it is so very worth it.

10/14/09 -
Puppies got their dew claws removed today.  All of them are doing fine and growing "like weeds".  Funny story:  Today, I was driving home from the vet's office.  The puppies were in a rubbermaid bin on the floor and Journey was laying on the bench seat in my minivan.  Now mind you, the puppies were covered up and off to the side by the door.  I got about half way home and I look in my rear view mirror - I see a puppy on the seat nursing on Journey!  Journey stuck her head in the bin and pulled out one of the puppies and put it with her on the seat.  Sure made me laugh. Now I just need to train her how to put them back! 

10/16/09 - Here are couple of video's of Journey & the puppies - just click on the links below.  Fun to see & hear them squirm.  Don't worry - the puppy in the third video that is upside down is latched on and just wiggling while he nurses - he was/is fine!!  They are all doing great - crawling around a lot.  Journey is starting to leave the whelping box for some much needed rest.  I think she gets overwhelmed when she sees them all coming at her!! lol

10/17/09 - Pups are growing like weeds!!  Can't hardly hold them as they get so anxious to nurse that all they do is wiggle.  Journey now goes out with the other dogs and myself for our twice a day walk on our big yard.  I can tell if feels good for her to get some exercise.  She doesn't like to be gone very long though - a few laps and she is ready to go back to her pups.

10/19/09 - Hard to believe the pups are 8 days old already!!  Getting big and starting to crawl/walk/wobble - they can get all the way across the whelping box now.  Scrubbed the whole whelping box today and replaced all of layers of bedding.  Gave Journey a bath.  I love it when everything is so clean & fresh!!  Just waiting for signs of eyes opening....

10/21/09 - They are getting soooo big.  A few of them have their eyes just starting to open.  They are nursing machines!!  I feel for Journey as they never stop.  Some friends came over to visit tonight and Journey was so good - she let them hold the puppies.   She watched their every move but was ok - it is amazing how she would look at me and when I told her it was ok she would relax and rest.  She is truly a wonderful mom.

- Eyes are opening!!  All of them have at least some of their eyes open.  They all got a nail trim today and new color collars put on as they have outgrown them again!  They are walk/wobbling better - isn't going to be long and they will be out of the whelping box. 

- Busy weekend!!  The whelping box got scrubbed down this weekend - all the layer of linens washed.  Puppies got their nails trimmed AGAIN today as they keep scratching Journey.  Had to start supplementing the puppies once a day as they are "overwhelming" Journey at feeding time.  Started them on a bottle with goats milk - took each puppy about 10 seconds to catch on.   I am having to lay with Journey in the whelping box while she is nursing the pups to keep her quiet.  She is getting tired of the laying there being mauled.  All the pups look great - they are starting to almost "play" with each other. 

10/27/09 - Funny story:  This morning I told my husband that when he checks the puppies to make sure he counts them as they are getting close to crawling out of the whelping box.  This evening I was at work and got a call from my daughter.  When she walked in to the puppy place Journey was sitting in the middle of the floor staring out the window.  Samii (my daughter) thought it was weird that Journey didn't run over to her.  Then Sam noticed that there were only 9 puppies in the whelping box.  She figured out that 4 of them had crawled out and were nursing on Journey while she was sitting up.  Hence, why Journey didn't come running to Sam.  So, needless to say, we had to put up the higher walls on the whelping box.  Hopefully that will hold them in for at least another week!!

- Pups are doing great - can't believe how big they are.  They are starting to play with each other now and they recognize me and come running when they hear/see me.  Fun age right now!!

- Can't believe they are 3 weeks old already!  They are getting teeth now - some are already through the gums.  Won't be long and we will have to move them out of the whelping box.  Got new color collars again as they are growing so fast.

11/5/09 - The puppies start "screaming" now when I come in.  They come running when they see people now.  I don't think Journey is thrilled that they have teeth now but she is still being a great mom. 

11/16/09 - I have been in Tuscon for the past 6 days at a dog show.  I left my husband in charge of the puppies and he did awesome!!  We are now feeding them 3 times a day and boy - do they eat!!  We also had to move them out of the whelping box last week as they are getting so big.  They are in an exercise pen which is attached to a crate.  They all pile into the crate at the same time!  They play with each other all the time now.  They are learning to potty on newspaper - and 13 puppies can poop a lot!! lol 

11/21/09 - I finally had a chance to put the puppies outside for the first time today.  They LOVED it!  First, they found Journey and kept trying to nurse on her.  She initially let them but then would run away from them.  It turned into a game of chase and the puppies got some great exercise. I had so much fun watching them run back & forth.   They were outside for about 45 minutes - when they came back in the house they passed out!  They slept for 2 hours without moving.

11/23/09 - I posted the puppies first "stacked" pictures.  They are not the best pictures - the puppies are actually prettier than these pictures.  But...we are training and so taking the pictures was good.  They have such neat little temperaments!!

11/26/09 - We took the puppies into the "big dog yard" today which is about 1.5 acres fenced.  They had a BLAST!  They explored and ran and chased and played - we just sat in the sun and watched them - laughing most of the time.  I would love to post the pictures but my computer power cord "blew up" last night so I can't download the pictures.  I have ordered a new one - keep your fingers crossed it comes soon.

11/29/09 -
Ginny (co-breeder) came up today and we evaluated puppies.  We took some stacked pictures - I posted them below.  Amazing how much they have changed since a week ago.  Ginny took pictures also so she may have some better pics - I will post them as well as soon as she sends them to me.  We both are really excited about these puppies - truly there isn't one in the litter than couldn't go into the show ring!!

12/2/09 - Trying to get the puppies ready for the breeder evaluation "party" on Sunday.  Puppies all got wormed tonight - they handled it like champs.  I groomed up the pink girl, purple girl, and brown boy tonight - last night groomed up the black boy, white girl, and teal boy.  I was amazed how well they did for the first time grooming session and overall, I think they enjoyed the individual attention.  They also got their nails trimmed which they have done really well with.  Hard to believe how big they are getting!

12/5/09 - Red boy went to his new home today!!  He is in Salt Lake City, UT with Keith and Allison Johnson.  It was hard to see him go and yes, I did shed a tear.  But...he is going to have a great life!  His new name is Colby.  Keith and Allison - we love pictures and if you send them I will be glad to post them on the website.  Sweet dreams baby boy - enjoy your new home tonight and always. 

12/9/09 - Little miss peach girl went to her show home today - she flew from Colorado to Arizona with her new family!  Congrats to Dusty and Lori Erickson - I know they are going to have fun with miss "Izzie" and take the show ring by storm.  Can't wait for pictures and updates.   Bet you are glad you are living in Arizona now and away from this awful cold!  I will miss you... but I WILL see you in the show ring.

12/11/09 - Funny story here last night: I got home from work and spent about an hour and a half with the puppies - fed them, cleaned up, and played with them. Went back over to the "big" house and did some grooming on Bagger. Went back over the the puppies about 10 pm to let them outside to potty one last time and when I opened the door ...I thought we had been robbed! The house was ransacked - the vacuum cleaner was overturned, the garbage was dumped all over the floor, newspaper everywhere, towels drug all over. Then I saw the puppy poop - all over!!! They had gotten the xpen open and all 10 puppies had a huge PARTY! I was dumbfounded at the mess they made. They were all sleeping when I came in - they never even lifted their heads to see me as they were exhausted. All I could say is...I guess you are tired after a long night of partying! It is funny today - wasn't so funny last night!!

- Well, down to 8 puppies with more to soon go.  Dark green boy went to Nebraska on Saturday - congrats to Bethany & Jeff Beier on their new show dog.  Teal boy went to Texas - congrats to Ilene & Doug Cooper.  Pink girl flies to her new show home tomorrow in Conneticut - congrats to the Maskovich family.  Light green boy also flies out tomorrow to Boise, Idaho - congrats to Autumn Brock on her new show puppy.  The nest is getting emptier...amazing the difference of caring for 8 puppies versus 13!!!

12/19/09 - Down to 3 puppies now - feels like the nest is really empty!!  I have the purple girl left (who is going to California) and the grey girl (who will be going to Arkansas in Jan) and of course, my girl Miss Rio (the yellow girl).  They are enjoying the individual attention since the clan is smaller.  The brown boy and white girl went home today - congrats to Juli & Dave Murphy of Denver.  The blue boy (now named Murphy) went to his home on Thursday - congrats to John & Rosemary Coleman of Boulder, CO. 

- Grey girl goes to her new home in Russellville, Arkansas - congratulations to Katie Rogers.  The nest is getting smaller...

- Purple girl FINALLY gets shipped out to her new home in California - we had a heck of a time getting her shipped out because of the cold weather.  Congrats to Sharon Hall.

11/13/10 - All of the babies are gone - I have such mixed emotions.  They all went to such wonderful homes - I couldn't be happier about the wonderful lives these pups are going to have.  I am having a blast with Rio - time for her to become part of the Galewinns Pack!!  Please visit Rio's page to watch her grow and develop.  We are going to show her as well as do field work.  Puppy owners - please keep sending pictures and I will put them on the website as I get them.  I LOVE to hear about my babies!!

Journey & Puppies

Marx/Journey puppies

CH. Quinniver's Roadrunner

Am. Can. CH. Tealwood's Dutch Rose

Am. Can. CH. Pin Oak Robert E. Lee, JH ROM

Am. Can. CH. Tealwood's Nine To Five FbDCH ROM

CH. Quinniver's Perfect Alibi

Ch. Courtwood Grand Hotel TD, CGC, ROM

CH. Quinniver's Songbird

Ch. Meadowlark's Irish Monarch ROM

Meadowlark's Serenade

Ch. Courtwood Halls O' Ivy

Ch. Courtwood Grand Hotel TD, CGC, ROM

Ch. Courtwood Bandanna ROM

Ch. Analains Dirty Dancing

Tramore D Toribel