"Vincenzo" (GCH. Evergreen Good Intentions) is a beautiful boy that has done some amazing winning.  Vincenzo is a multiple Best in Specialty and Group Winner.  He also has numerous Sporting Group placements. He is a very typey boy who I have really enjoyed watching in the ring.  I love his head piece, his beautiful front, topline and tailset and many other wonderful qualities that he has.  I think that this combination should produce lovely dogs with great temperaments - beauty and brawn!! Vincenzo was bred and is owned and shown by Mary Merlo of Evergreen Irish Setters.

"Rio" (GCH. Galewinns Tramore Unassuming Grace) is 4 years old and has done it all!  She has been in the field, been successful in the show ring, and is now in obedience training with me.  She has beautiful movement and beautiful structure....and she has produced very nicely in her previous litters. You can see her previous litters on my website - Trent/Rio litter and the Wilson/Rio litter. This will be her last litter and I am really excited about this combination.  Rio is a dog that everyone falls in love with - any one who is around her quickly learns to love her! You can go to her page on this website to see photos and video of Miss Rio.

Both of these dogs have all of their health clearances.  Rio is due to come in to season in Sept/October.  Stay tuned as I will post her progress here.  So excited.....please feel free to contact me if interested in a show, performance, or pet puppy.

10/20/14 - Rio is in season!!!!

10/29/14 - First progesterone is 0.2.  True to Rio's history she is going up slow.  Will recheck progesterone on Monday with the probability of doing a transervical implant two times next week.
11/3/14 - Rio's progesterone was only 0.2 today as well.  Will recheck in 3 days.

11/6/14 - Rio's progesterone was 1.2...so she is finally starting to rise. Recheck in 2 days.

11/8/14 - Progesterone is 5.2 so she is ovulating today....FINALLY!   Semen will be shipped on Monday for implant on Tues.

11/10/14 - Semen shipped from North Carolina - will do a transcervical implant tomorrow and Wednesday. 

11/11/14 - First transcervical implant done!!!  Semen looked great - over 90%.  Will do another implant tomorrow.

11/12/14 - Second transcervical implant done - semen looked great and Rio's timing also looked great.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed that we will have puppies due the beginning of January!!

12/4/15 - Palpated Rio and there are DEFINATELY puppies in there!  Yay!!!  She is due Jan. 8-10th.

12/20/14 - Can't believe how big Rio is for only being 6 weeks along.  I posted a picture below.  She is doing great - will xray her on Dec. 30 to how many pups there are.

12/30/14 - Xrayed Rio today and she is carrying 11-13 puppies!!!  The vet said "too numerous to count"! So excited - a C-section is planned for next Friday or Saturday depending on how she is doing.  Would like to wait until Saturday to give the puppies "baking time" but if she starts to go into labor early we will do it Friday.  Stay tuned....

1/8/15 - Well Rio is getting pretty uncomfortable - she was up and down all night last night (so I was too!). Still no temperature drop so planning on a C-section Friday or Sat.  So anxious to have the little munchkins "on the ground". Scroll down for a picture I took of her a few days ago while laying on the cough.

1/10/14 - We have puppies!!! We have 6 girls and 5 boys!!!  Mom and babies are all doing great. They range in weight from 8 oz to 16 ounces - most of them are 12-14 ounces.  All are nursing great and very vigorous.  It was a long night for us - Rio actually went into labor at 1:30 am and whelped 3 puppies on her own.  We had a C-section planned at 7:30 so we met the vet at his office.  We proceeded with the C-section as Rio was exhausted and there were still a lot of puppies in there.  C-section when great and we quickly were rubbing puppies.  We lost one boy due to placental detachment (he was the last puppy in the uterus) but the other 11 are doing great.  Rio is doing great as well.  Scroll down to see some pictures.  So happy and relieved...

1/17/15 - Puppies are 1 week old today and all are doing great.  Girls are the pink, yellow, peach, orange, purple, and gray - boys are the red, blue, green, dark green, and teal collar colors.  Rio is being a great mom and they are all gaining weight every day. 

1/22/15 - Puppies are 12 days old already!!  Their eyes are starting to open and they are getting more mobile.  Found the red boy and blue boy OUT of the whelping box already!!  I think that has set a new record - I have never had puppies get out this early...and before their eyes are even open.  Little stinkers!

1/27/15 -  Puppies are getting more and more active - starting to cruise around the whelping box.  Draining Rio dry - I am feeding her 10 cups of food a day and she is still thin.  She is a great mom - keeps good watch over them.  Puppies are starting to play with each other which is pretty cute to watch.

2/8/15 - Puppies are getting bigger.  I was gone for a week on a cruise to the Bahamas - I couldn't believe how much bigger they were when I got back.  Thanks heavens for Shea and Rachel - the best puppy sitters on earth!!!!

2/18/15 - Just got back from the Westminster dog show in New York.  Sure had a great time but missed the babies.  Came home tonight and changed all of their collars, clipped their nails, and did their first "stacking" practice on the table.  They did great!!!  They got to run around the basement and play for the first time - they had a ball and I sure wore them out!! Scroll down for their first head shot pictures.  Stacked pictures will come next week at 6 weeks old. While I was gone my husband moved the puppies down into the kennel - they have a lot more room to run and play.  They seem to be enjoying their new "digs".

2/23/15 - Took first stacked pictures of the puppies today - they are 6 weeks old.  We did this late tonight AFTER I worked a 12 hour shift so we were all tired!  However, I am so pleased with the puppies.  I really like their conformation and their temperaments - all seem to be learning quickly. I forgot to do a few of the head shots so when they are missing it is soley because I was tired....I will get them on the next pictures next week.

Vincenzo/Rio Puppies

Cucuhullain Eternal Prince

Cucuhullain Diamond Summer

Ramblin Red Iaslinn

Ch Cucuhullain Diamond Morning

Ch Courtwood Summer Forecast

Ch Cucuhullain Chelsea Morning

Evergreen Chase The Stars

Ch Evergreen Fortuity

AU Gr Ch Eireannmada At Tulane

Evergreen Kinvale Can Do

Ch Evergreen Kinvale Dazzle Do

Ch Evergreen Sweet Sensation

CH. Quinniver's Roadrunner

Am. Can. CH. Tealwood's Dutch Rose

CH. Quinniver's Perfect Alibi

Ch. Meadowlark's Irish Monarch ROM

Ch. Courtwood Halls O' Ivy

Tramore D Toribel