Howie/Jersey Breeding #3

"Howie" is such a lovely boy and is the sire of my Caper & Jinx.  It wasn't my intention to breed to Howie as I have bred to him twice.  However, Zipper wasn't as cooperative as we hoped. assure that we still would have puppies Jersey was bred to Howie as well as Zipper.  I absolutely love my other two girls from him and would love to get an entire litter from him. Howie was bred by Jen Abersold of Harbormysts Dachshunds.  I will DNA the puppies as soon as they arrive to determine the sire or sires.

"Jersey" is a silver dapple girl out of the Nate/Revvie repeat breeding.  She finished her championship very easily and is such a delight to live with.  She has had two previous litters - two singleton litters which produced two lovely girls (see Howie/Jersey Litters on this website).  However, both of these breedings had some unusual circumstances so I was fortunate to even get the singleton puppies.  I am confident that if the breedings are done with better timing and hopefully naturally, that I will get a true "litter" from Zipper.  For more pictures of Jersey please click on her page under "Dachshund Females".
If you are interested in a pet or show dog from this combination please contact me via this website. 

7/16/14 - Jersey is due in season at stay tuned!

8/1/14 - Jersey is in season!!  Will do a progesterone on Aug. 8th and go from there.  Get ready Zipper.....:).

8/12-14/14 - Jersey was bred!  We did two AI's and a transcervical implant (TCI).  Everything looked really good so keep your fingers crossed.  If Jersey is pregnant she will be due Oct. 13-15th.  I will ultrasound her around Sept. 10th to see if she is pregnant.

9/7/14 - I palpated Jersey and I KNOW she is pregnant - it was easy to feel a couple of puppies in there.  I have an ultrasound scheduled on Monday, Sept. 15th - may still keep the appointment so see if there is more than one in there this time.

9/15/14 - Jersey was ultrasounded and is pregnant!  We saw at least two puppies so that is definitely a good sign. 

9/30/14 - Jersey is getting big - definitely bigger that her past singleton litters.  She has the "baby"  Getting excited - puppies due Oct. 12-14.

******10/13/14 - Jersey has her babies!!!  We had 3 beautiful babies but lost the black and tan boy during the night.  So hard to lose one - I guess I have to trust Mother Nature in that she knows best.  Breaks my heart but it makes me treasure the two I have left even more.  We have a black & tan girl and a silver dapple boy.  Scroll down to see first pictures.

10/29/14 - Puppies are both doing well.  It has been a long two weeks for the silver dapple boy.  We had to tube feed him for a week and then bottle feed him for the second week.  He is doing MUCH better - now nursing on his own.  His eyes are open now.  The girl is doing great - never has missed a meal.  Her eyes aren't open yet but starting so won't be long.  Please scroll down to see pictures of the babies - they are darling!! Puppies were DNA'd today and the swabs were sent to AKC. We should have results in approximately 6 weeks and will know the sire of these puppies at that time.  Thanks so much to Sherry for coming to the house today to visit the puppies and help me do the DNA!

12/8/14 - Puppies both go to their new homes.  They are both eating real food and doing great - so hard to see them go.  Scroll down for pictures.