Galewinns My Hearts On The River


Galewinns My Hearts On The River

(CH. Lunn's Rock Star MH, CD, RN x Galewinns Safe On First)

Whelped 10/3/11  SR699732/01 MC#985112002193340

"Cassidy" is a littermate to Kash and is owned by Mitch McGuiness and co-owned by myself.  She has a delightful temperament and is very outgoing.  She has a lovely front and movement.  And she LOVES her birds.  She will be shown in the conformation ring and trained for the field.  She is going to be fun to watch grow up.  Big things are waiting for her....

Thanks to Mitch for his wonderful care of and love for Cassidy.  I so appreciate all of his work with her including training and getting her to the shows and field training.  This is going to be a fun journey!