"SIMMA" Galewinns Simma Down (BISS GCHB. CH. Galewinns Rio Grande x GCH. Galewinns Redtale Fun Is Good NA, OAJ)

Simma wins a group 3 and group 4 her first weekend out with Ken on 3/2/2024.



BISS GCHB CH Galewinns Simma Down


(BISS GCHB. Galewinns Rio Grande x GCH. Galewinns RedTale Fun Is Good, NA, OAJ)

Whelped 1/30/2020   SS171474/02     MC#956000013744083  Hips GOOD OFA IR-12937G27F-P-VPI  Thyroid Normal IR-TH1178/27F-VPI  CHIC#172356

Rab #1 - 2/2/2021 #2 - 7/26/2022 

5/1 -8/23/2022

S #1 - 8/26/2021 S #2 - 2/2/2021  #3 - 9/17/2022   


"Simma" is the lime green girl out of the Tank/Deni litter.  She reminds me so much of her mother Deni but yet she has Tank's pretty head and his "fire" attitude.  She was everything that I wanted out of this combination.  I plan on showing her in conformation and training her in agility like her mother.  So excited to watch her grow.....

Simma is also training in agility with me.  We hope to run her for the first time in the spring of 2023.

9/3/2020 - Well what a first show!!  Simma goes Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners at the Mile Hi Sporting Dog show in Greeley under j. Linda Robey - this was her first time in the ring!!!!  She is 7 months old and showed soooo good.  I was so proud of her!  She now has a 5 point major!!

9/5/2020 - Simma goes Reserve Winners Bitch at the Irish Setter Club of Colorado specialites under j. Jill Warren.  We are so thrilled at her accomplishments this young.

9/6/2020 - Simma goes Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweepstakes at the Irish Setter Club of Colorado Specialty under j. Kristi Wilson.  Her brother Murphy was Best In Sweeps.  

9/19/2021 - Simma goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed over 14 specials under j. Cindy Lane for a 5 point major!!!!  You could have knocked me over with a feather - so exciting!!! This was at the Mount Ogden Kennel Club shows in Utah.

9/20/2020 - Simma goes Winners Bitch for a 3 point major under j. Deborah Verdon at the Mount Ogden Kennel Club shows in Utah.

6/16/2021 - Simma wins her 15-18 class in Sweepstakes at the National under j. Tracy McNeal.  So proud as the class was absolutely lovely!

6/18/2021 - Simma wins 3rd in the Bred-By class at the National!!!  This was under j. Bob Robinson.  

8/20/21 - Simma goes Best Of Winners for a 5 point major to finish her championship under j. Kimberly Meridith.

11/18/2021 - Simma goes Select Bitch at the AM Tucson Specialty under. j. Debra Thornton for her first 5 point major towards her grand.  At the PM specialty Simma took an Award Of Merit under j. Anne Katona.

11/19/2021 - Simma goes Best Of Opposite at the All Breed show in the AM in Tuscon under j. Robert Vandiver for another 5 point major towards her Grand Championship.  In the afternoon she was Select Bitch under j. Nancy Talbott for another 5 point major.

11/20/2021 - Simma goes Select Bitch at the all breed show in Tuscon under j. Gloria Kerr for another 5 point major.

11/21/2021 - Simma goes Best Of Opposite Bitch at the All breed show in Tucson under j. Judith Brown for her 5th 5 point major to finish her Grand Championship title.  So proud of her as she is only 21 months old.

2/5/2022 - Simma goes BEST OF BREED at the Arizona shows over 9 specials!!  Thanks so much to j. Micheal Canalizo for this lovely win.  

4/10/2022 - Simma wins BEST OF BREED under j. Walter Sommerfelt.  Her brother, Archie won the breed the first two days.  See win picture below. 

5/7/2022 - Simma goes BISS (Best In Specialty Show) at the Oklahoma Specialties under j. Sam McDonald!!!  She is only 2 years & 3 months old and I am thrilled!!  Sam's words were "she moves so light on her feet".  What a great win for our young girl!!!

5/19/2022 - Simma gets her hips xrayed and OFA report comes back "GOOD"!  So thrilled!!

6/6/2022 - Simma runs in her first agility trial and she qualified on both of her standard runs!!!  We had a blast and I am so proud of her.  She handled her first trial fabulously.

6/15/2022 - Simma's Thyroid results came back normal and she is certified through OFA!!

7/5/2022 - Simma's PRA and CLAD tests came back normal - she now has her CHIC number!