Bayard is a lovely dog that I first saw on Facebook!!!  And who says social media isn't a good thing! lol  I kept seeing his pictures and fell in love with him.  I have gotten to know his owner, Meghan Johnson and, as they say, the rest is history.  He has lovely front angle and forechest and is a balanced dog.  His head is masculine and is so pretty - my idea of what a male head should look like.

Chica is a delightful setter who is out of my "heart dog" Bagger (see his page on this website).  She has a delightful temperament and is very birdy.  She is a smart dog who learns quickly.  She has a lovely shoulder layback and a nice dark coat and enjoys the show ring.  Chica lives with Diane Kulesa in Denver, Colorado and has a wonderful life.  She has all of her health clearances and her hips are OFA EXCELLENT!!!

Please contact me (email preferred) if you are interested in a show or pet prospect. 

3/28/15 - Chica goes into season!!  First progesterone test will be done on Saturday, 4/4/15.  Stay tuned....

4/4/15 - Wow - Chica's first progesterone was 6.3!!!  This means she has ovulated and it is time to breed her!  Didn't expect it to go quite that fast...

4/6/15 - Semen was shipped today from Oregon and got to Colorado in good shape.  First transcervical implant was done today and everything went great!  We will do another breeding on Wednesday.

4/8/15 - Second TCI (transcervical implant)I was done today - everything looked great and went smoothly.  Now the waiting game.......  I will do an ultrasound in about 4 weeks to determine if she is pregnant.

5/1/15 - Chica is DEFINATELY pregnant!!!  Yay!!  I palpated her and I can definately feel puppies.  I will not do the ultrasound now as I know she is pregnant.  Puppies due June 5th!!!  So excited....

5/16/2015 - Chica is getting bigger!  We have scheduled an xray for Sat, 5/30/15 so we will have a good idea of the number of puppies in there.  Stay tuned....

5/30/15 - Xray shows 5-6.  Was hoping for a bigger litter but at least it is a "litter"!  She is due on Friday - keep your fingers and toes crossed that all goes well.  Getting excited....

6/7/15 - Puppies are FINALLY here!!  I never dreamed they would wait until Sunday but I guess mother nature knows best!  We have 2 boys and 3 girls and they are all doing great.  Chica did an amazing job and whelped the puppies fairly easily.  So thankful to Shea Jonsrud, Nancy Owens, & Diane Kulesa (Chica's co-owner) for all of their help and support.  It DOES take a village!!

6/9/15 - I had to go to Michigan to pick up my NEW MOTORHOME!!  It was a tripped that we had planned prior to all of this as I sure thought the puppies would be born earlier than Sunday. Anyway, just got back tonight and am so glad to be back with Chica and the babies. Thanks again to Shea and Rachel as they "puppy sat" for me.  I couldn't have done it without them!! The babies are doing good.  We are supplementing the red boy with the bottle some as he doesn't always latch on tight.  The other 4 are eating and sleeping just as they should. Chica is a great mom!! Scroll down for some pictures.

6/11/15 - All of the babies are doing good - gaining weight like they should!  Chica is a great mom - I couldn't be happier.  She is very possessive of the puppies.  Still doesn't want to leave them so I have to put a leash on her and "drag" her to go outside.  Red boy is latching on better but still supplementing him.  He is catching on though...

6/13/15 - First nail trim done tonight - can never start too early!!  They are getting bigger and chubbier!  Little red still needing some supplementation but getting stronger every day. Chica is a very protective mom!  My daughter came over tonight to see puppies and Chica did NOT want anyone new in with her babies!!  She settled down but I was amazed at how protective she is.

6/24/15 - I so apologize for the delay in updating the website.  Between my work schedule and feeding the red boy every two hours I have been busy!!  I was also able to go to Montana with my husband to see his brother and his family.  We also caught a dog show at the same time.  Montana is BEAUTIFUL and we had a lovely time.  However, I was glad to get back to the babies last night.  The red boy still has trouble nursing and doesn't latch on well.  He is hungry and very strong - just can't latch on well.  So, we have been supplementing him every 2 hours.  Thanks to Shea and Rachel for their help while I was gone - I don't know what I would do without them.  Tomorrow he is going to have to go to work with me because Rachel has plans -- so we will see how he does without his mom for 12 hours!! The other 4 are on "auto" pilot - they are absolutely HUGE!!  I haven't seen puppies this big in quite a while!!  Love them - very pretty puppies! Chica is doing great - still a great mother!!

6/25/15 - Well, I am heartbroken - we lost the little red boy.  He just kept going "downhill" so I made the heart wrenching decision to euthanize him tonight.  One of the hardest things to do but I couldn't take seeing him suffer.  I know that we gave him the best chance possible - it just wasn't meant to be.  Sometimes being a breeder just tears your heart out...

6/26/15 - I am doing better today....just spending quality time with the four puppies!  Makes me realize how much time I was spending on caring for the red boy. The other puppies are fat and happy - very content puppies.  They are starting to play with one another and will "wobble walk" to me now.  They are just starting to bark which is so funny - they will bark and then look around like "who did that?".  So cute....just love them! Scroll down for some pictures.

6/29/15 - All the puppies are doing great - getting more personality every day!  I am so enjoying just sitting in the whelping box with them.  They are getting their teeth - I can feel them starting to erupt through the gums.  Won't be long and I will have to start feeding them "mush".

7/6/15 - Puppies are doing awesome!  Started feeding them yesterday - it always takes a few days to get them eating good.  They like the gruel - and they like walking through it!!  I sat in the whelping box with them tonight (as I do every night) - they are such social puppies and they climb up in my lap and snuggle.  Best snugglers ever!!  Playing with each other more and are interacting more with toys.  Got a nail trim again tonight.

7/13/15 - Took the puppies outside for the first time - they had a ball! It was so fun to watch them explore and play.  I took a ton of pictures - see some posted below.  This was the first time for them to really use their legs - it was so fun to see them try to run.  After an hour outside they were running like they had done it for a long time.  The weather was beautiful and it was a perfect night - they will all sleep good tonight!

7/15/15 - Shea came over tonight and we took stacked pictures of the puppies.  This was more for practice than anything as you really can't see much at 5 1/2 weeks old.  However, it was great training for them and I so enjoyed looking at them.  They all handled being stacked really well!

7/17/15 - The puppies got "new digs" today!!!  I moved them from the whelping box to the indoor/outdoor kennel downstairs.  They have MUCH more room and have a doggy door.  Once they learn to go outside on their own they start to potty train themselves.  It was so funny watching them check out the new place.  The kennel connects to my outside puppy yard so it makes it a lot easier to take them outside.  We worked out in the yard tonight so Chica and the puppies had about 2 hours outside.  The weather was beautiful (once it cooled down) and they had a ball playing with their mother.  I just HAD to take some pictures of them all wrestling!!

7/23/15 - Just posted some stacked pictures of the puppies at 6 1/2 weeks old.  I had just had people over visiting the puppies and they were REALLY tired.  But, Shea was here so we had to take the pictures.  The purple girl was NOT in the stacking mood but you can at least get the idea.  Love the fronts and head son these puppies!  They are totally doggy door trained now - I don't even put paper down.  They are completely pottiying outside which is pretty impressive for 6 1/2 week old puppies!  Just love their temperaments and they are smart!

7/30/15 - Thanks to Shea for helping me to take stacked pictures again!  They are getting so active and can now run the yard exploring.  The purple girl went up an entire flight of stairs last night AND went back down without any hesitation!  Pretty good for this age!!  They are almost completely weaned now. Chica will play with them but is done nursing them.  She has sure been a great mom!

8/2/15 - Puppy party was today - it was awesome!  We had the party and my friend Nancy's house in Berthoud - thank you so much Nancy for your help with this!  The puppies had their first car ride and did really well.  All of the breeders and irish setter owners played with the puppies and we stacked them and went over them.  We "critiqued" them and I was very pleased with the opinions.  I sure appreciated everyone coming! The puppies were so excited with all of the people here that they didn't really stack great!  But...they did have fun.  Scroll down for 8 week old pictures.