CH. Galewinns Keliaire Keep On Going

CH. Galewinns Keliaire Keep On Going

(GCH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact x CH. Tramore Keepin' On Galewinns JH)

Whelped 2/15/11  SR670564/02


Keefer is the newest edition to the Galewinns Clan.  We have very high hopes for this boy.  I decided that he was my pick of the litter because I love his shoulder layback, his topline, and his bone.  He moves beautifully on the ground and has a delightful temperament.

Keefer lives with Kathryn & Rich Cheever.  I so appreciate that they will allow me to show Keefer and travel with him as needed. 

2/15/11 - Keefer was born!  There were only 3 pups in the litter - 2 boys and one girl but all were very healthy!  Current Irish Setter Litter (click here to see the litter information and many puppy pictures of Keefer and his littermates).

10/23/11 - Keefer goes to a show in Rapid City, SD for the weekend.  He only showed 2 of the 4 days but he went Reserve Winners Dog on Sunday.  It was a great "first" show trip for Keefer and we got lots of training done.  Keefer still needs to grow into his body  - he is a very big boy!  He is already as big as his father is (Pierce)!!  I was very proud of him this weekend.

Aug 2013 - Keefer has been at his house just growing up!!!  He has learned some obedience and has had a great time.  He is now ready to get back into the show ring!

9/6/13 & 9/7/13 - Keefer wins 1 point the first day and two points the second day back in the ring!!!  I was so proud of him - he remembered how to stack and, as always, moved beautifully.  I so appreciate his "parents" coming to the show and weathering the horrible heat.  Thanks Kathyrn & Rich for being such delightful sports!! Scroll down for some recent pictures of him in the ring.

Oct. 2013 - Keefer wins a couple of more points and a major at the Rapid City Kennel Club dog show!!

Nov. 2013 - Keefer wins two more singles at the Pueblo shows.  He now has 10 points and one major.

Feb. 2014 - Keefer wins 2 points at the Denver dog show.  He needs one major to finish his championship!

May 24, 2014 - Keefer wins a 3 point major under judge Ken Buxton to finish his championship!!!  So happy for his owners, Kathryn and Rich Cheever.  Good boy Keefer!!

October 2022 - Keefer passes away....he had such a good life with Rich and I am grateful for his love of Keefer.