GCH. Galewinns Star Of Sundance "Sonny" is a lovely boy that stood out from the time he was a puppy.  He easily finished his championship at 15 months of age.  He got to #6 in the country after being shown for only 3 months as a special.  He lives with PJ Kelly and she really missed him at home so he wasn't shown long.  He is now shown occasionally and is enjoying agility training with PJ.  He has a beautiful topline, front assembly, and is very balanced which shows in his movement - he is truly effortless when he moves.  He is intelligent and loves to please. Sonny has all of his health clearances - OFA hips good, thyroid normal.

CH. Galewinns Seventh Heaven "Josie" was also special from the start.  She is the pick girl out of the Cameron/PJ litter (you can see the litter on this website).  She has a beautiful headpiece, nice angles, and moves effortlessly.  She also finished her championship easily.  She is sweet dog and is easily to live with.  I am so excited for this combination. Josie has all of her health clearances also - OFA good and thyroid normal.

September 14, 2020 - Josie is in season.

Sept. 22, 2020 - 1st progesterone is 1.4.

Sept. 24, 2020 - 2nd progesterone is 5.5 - time to breed.  

Sept. 25, 2020 - I drove to Sante Fe, NM to meet Suzy Gehrls (Josie's owner who lives in Phoenix).  I brought Sonny - first breeding done that night.

Sept. 26-27 - Breeding continues.... then Suzy and I drove back home.

Oct. 30th - We ultrasounded Josie today and she IS pregnant!! She is already getting so big so I suspect it is going to be a big litter  so excited!

Nov. 24th - We xrayed Josie and she has 12 and maybe a 13th puppy in there!!!

11/25/2020 - Puppies are here!!!!  We had a really long day - she whelped 8 of them so easily and then she stopped.  We waited a couple of hours - long story short we lost 4 puppies.  We think a puppy got stuck and blocked the path.  However, we are blessed to have the 8 beautiful, healthy puppies - 3 girls and 5 boys.  They are all nursing great and Josie is a fabulous mom.  Scroll down for pictures.

11/28/2020 - All eight puppies are doing great - gaining weight and nursing well.  They had their dew claws removed today at the vet and all did fine.  I am always glad when that is done!!  New pictures posted below.

12/4/2020 - The babies are all doing great!  Stopped weighing them because they are crawling out of the scale bowl - always a good sign! lol  They got their first nail trim and had to change their yarn collars because they were too small.  Scroll down for a video of the nursing puppies. Josie is being a really great mom.  I am taking her outside and we are walking the property (she runs!!) now and she is enjoying short breaks away from the babies.

12/13/2020 - I went to the big dog show in Orlando so left my husband in charge of the puppies for 4 days - he did a wonderful job.  I got home tonight and spent the evening in the whelping box with Josie and the babies.  Josie was sooo glad to see me.  They are all doing great - chunky and healthy.  They are walking now - pretty cute to see.  Their eyes are all open.  No teeth yet - thank heavens for Josie.  Scroll down for pictures and a video.

12/17/2020 - Puppies are 3 weeks old as of yesterday.  Eyes open, ears open, and up and walking.  They barked today for the first time - I love this because they always looks around like "where did that noise come from"!! :)  Trimmed their nails tonight.  I am playing fireworks noises, thunderstorm sounds, and big band music (thank God for Alexa!!).  This is to get them use to loud and strange noises.  They are starting to recognize me now and they love to climb in my lap when I sit in the whelping box.

12/22/2020 - Well, the puppies will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.  I started them on food on Saturday - they took to it immediately.  I wanted to wait a few more days but they were hungry!  Josie is starting to wean them because they have teeth!  Now the real work begins.  They are already learning to potty on "the other side" of the whelping box which is great.  They love to climb in my lap and snuggle.  All doing great and are adorable!!

12/28/2020 - Puppies are 4.5 weeks old and eating three meals a day now.  They are playing with each other and with toys and more vocal. Josie is weaning them now.  They are learning to potty in the other part of the whelping box which is great because they are learning to keep themselves clean.  

1/2/2021 - Well the puppies moved downstairs into their new digs today.  They are in an big kennel now with indoor/outdoor access.  They haven't used the doggy door yet but they will learn that this week.  They had a ball with the new area tonight and then got to get out into my big play area.  So fun to watch them explore.  We took their first stacked pictures tonight - I am amazed at how good they did being stacked for the first time!  I am biased but they are REALLY pretty puppies!  And they had so much confidence which I was so happy to see.  Scroll down for their first stacked pics.

1/17/2021 - I had my mentors and breeder friends come today and evaluate the puppies.  We had such a nice time and they were very impressed with the puppies.  They helped me make some decisions as to who is going where and I think we have a good plan.  The puppies really enjoyed all of the attention and they were so confident - they made me so proud!!  Scroll down to see their 7.5 week old stacked pictures - so  fun to see have they have changed and grown.