Pierce has had quite a show career for being only 3 years old!  He was Reserve Winner's Dog and Best Puppy and Best In Sweepstakes at the Arizona National at only 6 months old!  He has a very sweet temperament and has already has some beautiful get.  One of his son's was Reserve Winner's Dog at the National in Wisconsin in 2010.  He has a very sweet temperament and has a lovely dog to be around.  We feel like he can compliment Journey very nicely!

Journey has a record of her own!  She finished her championship easily and went on to score a perfect score of 40 at her first hunt test!!!  She was bred to AFC DC Pompei's Look Who's Where MH, RA and had 15 puppies on Oct. 11, 2009.  These puppies have had quite a few accomplishments in the first year of their life - Kibby was Best In Sweepstakes and Best Puppy at the National in Wisconsin, Rio has her first major and is hunt training, Hannah is in tracking training, already has field trial placements, and is being shown in the conformation ring.  Ares, Joss, and Izze are being shown in the conformation ring as well.  We are really pleased with how Journey produced on her first litter and feel like this litter could be VERY nice!

Puppies are due on February 15th, 2011.  Inquiries are welcome for show and pet prospects.

1/17/11 - Ultrasound done and Journey is pregnant!!!  Stay tuned.....

2/9/11 - Journey is due in 7 days - can't wait!!  She is getting bigger and panting a lot.  And...she is convinced that she is starving!!  Of course, that is Journey even when she isn't pregnant! lol

2/12/11 - Got my whelpwise unit yesterday so I was able to use the doppler and listen to puppy heartbeats.  They all sound great and very healthy - hard to get a count of how many puppies but sure was great to hear the healthy heartbeats!  Stay tuned....

2/15/11 - Puppies are here!!  It was not pretty however...we ended up with an emergency c-section and only had 3 puppies.  I was very surprised as she looked bigger than that.  She really tried her best to whelp but we got a puppy "stuck".  Thank heavens all 3 puppies came out screaming and moving all over the place.  Journey immediately took to being a good mom and has done amazingly well.  The puppies are fat and happy - after all they aren't having to compete much for the milk!!  Yes, I was bummed about only 3 puppies but things could have been worse.... I posted some early pictures below. 

2/18/11 - Puppies had their dew claws removed today.  Some dear friends (Max & Sandy) took the puppies in for me as I am at the Denver dog show.  Max took pictures for me so I could feel like I was there.  They all did great and I think Journey enjoyed the attention and the outing.  All are home resting comfortably now.  These puppies are growing so fast since they don't have to fight for the milk!!

2/20/11 - Pups are getting really fat!  They certainly know how to find the nipples and are keeping themselves quite content.  Journey is getting a little "stir crazy" about now - wanting a little time away from them.  All is good...

- Puppies are all doing great.  Journey is leaving them for short periods of time now and is getting some exercise outside.  I think about what I would doing a week ago tonight and I am SOOOO very glad that night is over and that pups and mom came out healthy!! 

- Puppies are getting so big.  They are trying to "wobble walk" but their big fat bellys get in the way! lol  Eyes are open but they aren't seeing great yet.  Sure can find mom when they need to though!

3/8/11 - Teeth are coming in!!  They are starting to play with each other and chew on toys (and my arms!!).  Getting more mobile - it will be VERY soon that they are climbing out of the whelping box.  I know that one of these days I will come home from work and one of them will meet me at the front door! lol

3/12/11 -
The pups are now playing with each other.  They recognize me now and will come lick my face when I am in the whelping box.  They are very affectionate and LOVE people.  Bode had to go into the puppy room yesterday to see them - just wish I would have had a camera!  It was so cute when he started to smell a puppy and it licked his muzzle.

- Rails had to go up on the whelping box.  Won't be much longer and they will have to be moved to the ex pen.  Eating puppy food now - still nursing but Journey is trying to wean them.  They are soooo cute.  They bark every once in a while and they "scare" themselves - just makes me laugh.

-  Puppies are out of the whelping box and put in to the kennel today.  Spent all afternoon teaching them to go out the doggy door.  Too cute to watch!  The green boy always figures it out first, then the pink girl, then the blue boy.  They got their first stacking lesson tonight - did great for 5 1/2 week old pups!  They also got their nails trimmed.  Big day for the trio!!!