Trent is a beautiful boy who has a delightful temperament.  I got to watch him in the show ring and I fell in love with him.  He has beautiful movement and I hope to get some of his "breed type".  He finished his championship very easily at just 12 months old and finished with 5 majors.  He has 3 Best In Specialty wins to his credit as well - one of them at out of the 12-18 month class!  What a show record he has!!

Rio finished her championship easily before she was 2 years old.  Her sire is a dual champion - both field trail and conformation champion.  Rio has been in the field for early training and is going to return for field work after having puppies.  She has a beautiful head with a lovely dark eye and nice expression.  She has wonderful front and rear angle and is very balanced which truly shows in her movement. 

We are very excited about this combination.  Stay tuned....

- Rio is in season!!!  We will be shipping her to Michigan to visit Trent very soon....

1/18/12 - Rio flies to Michigan today.  She is still early in her season but we wanted to get her to Michigan with some time to settle in.  Thanks to Judy (Trent's owner) for picking up Rio at the airport pretty darn late at night!!.

11/25/12 - Rio's progesterone is finally starting to rise - it was 4.4 today.  Expect to breed her (transcervical implant) on Friday and next Monday.

1/27/12 - First breeding done today!!  All looked good at the vet's office (we did a transcervical implant).  Will do another breeding on Monday.

1/30/12 - Second breeding done today and all went very well.  Rio's  progesterone was 33 so our timing was perfect.  The repro vet in Michigan didn't want us to fly her home - he said he has seen too many girls not "take" because of the stress of flying.  So...after a lot of talking about it we decided that Rio is going to stay in Michigan until we ultrasound her and see that she is pregnant.  Never done this before but I sure don't want to take any chances!!  I will ship her home after the ultrasound.

2/6/12 - Rio is doing great with Judy in Michigan.  But...amazing how much I miss her here!  We will ultrasound her in another 2 1/2 weeks.

2/21/12 - Rio is pregnant!!  An ultrasound was done todand confirmed that she is pregnant.  We are soooo happy!  Thanks Judy for all of your work with Rio and getting her to the vet for her ultrasound!!  Now to get her home....:)

3/5/12 - Judy drove all the way to Kansas to meet me at a dog show and get Rio back.  I am so glad to have her back!! 

3/21/12 - Did an xray on Rio - she has 4 puppies in there.  We new she had about 4 pups from the ultrasound.  Wish there were a few more but at least we have puppies!!  Puppies due next Tuesday-Thursday, 3/27-29th.  Whelping box getting set up this weekend...
3/25/12 - Whelping box all set up - we are ready and waiting!  Shaved off her belly hair today to get ready for nursing puppies.  Just kills me to cut that hair but it certainly is for a good reason.  Can't wait for these little bundles to arrive...stay tuned.

- Well...after a long night and NO sleep we ended up with a C-section today.  The good news is that we have 4 beautiful and healthy puppies that are doing great!  Rio is doing better - she was pretty wiped out with the anesthesia.  Please scroll down to see pictures of the puppies.  We have 2 boys and 2 girls!

3/30/12 - Rio and the puppies are all doing great!  She is being such a good mom.  It took her a bit to recover from the anesthesia but once she woke up she has been great.  Hard to get her to even leave them to go to the bathroom!  She is licking them so clean and shiny - all of their umbilical cords are licked off already!! 

4/4/12 - Puppies are a week old today - hard to believe it has been a week since their birth.  They are growing fast and eat ALL the time.  Trimmed their nails and put on new collars tonight. 

4/8/12 - My grandaughter came over for Easter today and played with the puppies.  So cute to see her and the pups together!!  They are getting so big and starting to "wobble walk" now.

4/11/12 - Two weeks old today already!  All of the puppies have their eyes open now.  Starting to try and walk more.  Rio is leaving the box for longer periods of time now.  She is a great mom!  Trimmed the puppies nails tonight and redid their collars as they were  getting tight....again! :)

4/18/12 - I came home from work today to find all of the puppies OUT of the whelping box and crawling around the bedroom!  I couldn't believe it - they haven't even been trying to climb out and all of a sudden in one day they are out and having a party in the bedroom! lol 

4/28/12 - All are doing great - getting so big!!  They bark now when they see or hear me and really like to be around people.  My grandaughter came over tonight to play with them and she was amazed at how big they have gotten compared to when she saw them a couple of weeks ago.

5/1/12 - Took the puppies outside for the first time today as the weather was beautiful!!  They were a bit overwhelmed at first but then really enjoyed watching the "big" dogs.  Also fed them their first meal today - sure didn't take them long to figure it out.

5/14/12 - Can't believe the puppies will be 7 weeks old on Wednesday.  Changed their collars today and trimmed up their nails.  They are using the doggy door now and I hardly have to clean up after them.  They have learned to potty outside very quickly - smart puppies they are!  Scroll down for some stacked shots of them and pictures of them playing in the big yard - they had soooo much fun!

Trent/Rio Puppies

Trent/Rio Puppies

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