Trevi in May 2021.


Galewinns Piazza Tres Vie ML

(CH. Lekoll Bobby Sharm Ishkreene Vash  x GCH. Galewinns Kaycees Four Queens MLD)


Whelped 8/20/18  Rab2/2/2021 5/1-8/26/2022

S#3-2/8/2022 #4 - 9/10/2021 #5 - 9/6/22

Trevi is the puppy that I kept out of the Asher/Reine litter.  I always loved the way she moved and carried such a nice topline.  She was also very in to "me" and maintained eye contact with me.  I would like to train her in agility so this was important to me.  She is balanced and has a pretty head.  She has such lovely movement - very sound!!


3/31/19 - Trevi goes WB her first time out for 2 points in Scottsbluff, Nebraska under j. Charles Olvis.  Shea showed her and did a fabulous job as always!

7/27/19 - Trevi goes BOW for 1 point under Robin Hug in Casper, WY.  She now has 3 points.

8/16/19 - Trevi goes BOW for 2 points at the Columbine Dachshund Specialty in Greeley, CO under j. David Loring Brown.  She now has 5 points.

8/31/2019 - Trevi goes Best Of Winners for 2 points at the Cheyenne Kennel Club under j. Robin Hug for 2 points.  She now has 7 points.

9/22/2019 - Trevi goes Winners Bitch for 1 point at the Araphahoe Kennle Club under j. Donald Gill.

Trevi was on break due to Covid.  We bred her to Digger (CH. Original Be-Long To Galewinns) and she had 6 puppies on 12/15/2020.  Please see her litter page to see the puppies.

Back to the show ring:

4/15/2021 - Trevi goes Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite for a 5 point major under j. Daniel Dowling!!  

5/28/2921 - Trevi goes Best of Breed from the classes for a 4 point major under j. Andrea Bradford!!  She is now a finished champion!!

Trevi will be bred again in the Fall of 2022.  See "Past Litters" to see her previous 2 litters.