CH. Erinfyr Trade Rumor

CH. Galewinns Miss Rio's Independent

CH. Erinfyr Trade Rumor "Peyton" is a dog who belongs to Mary and Jamie Lamphier.  I have admired his sire as well as some of his kids.  Hid pedigree is a nice line breeding on Marx (DC Pompei's Look Who's Here MH, MHA, RA) whom I just love.  Peyton has a beautiful head & expression, nicely angled front, and is very balanced.  I appreciate the Lamphier's letting me breed Indy to this nice dog.

CH. Galewinns Rio's Miss Independent "Indy" is a very "fancy" girl who has been a blast to watch mature.  She has a beautiful side gait and is very clean and sound when moving.  Indy has really enjoyed the show ring and has almost completed her Grand Championship in 3 weekends of showing!!  She has her mother and father's beautiful straight dark coat and lovely dark eyes with level planes.  Her topline is so pretty when she moves.  I think that this combination can produce balance, sound pretty movement, and nice temperaments.

Inquiries for pet or show puppies welcome.  Please email me at or call at (970) 214-5328.

5/11/15 - Miss Indy comes into season.

5/16/15 - Indy's first progesterone is 0.3 - going slow just like her mother!

5/18/15 - Indy's second progesterone is 0.6.

5/21/ 6/1 - Indy's progesterone's at 1.2 and continues to "hang" in this range.  Indy's mother rose slowly but not this slow!!

6/4/15 - Indy's progesterone is 2.5 - finally rising!!

6/8/15 - Indy's progesterone is 11.4!!  Holy cow - that was fast.  Will breed her on Wednesday, 6/10.

6/10/15 - First transcervical implant done (TCI) - everything went great!  The semen was shipped from West Virginia and was great.

6/11/15 - Second transervical implant (TCI) done - everything went like clock work again.  Semen was even better this time.  Now the wait - will ultrasound her in 28 days to see if she is pregnant.  All fingers and toes crossed!! :)

7/1/15 - I palpated Indy tonight and I KNOW that I felt puppies!!  So YAY...Indy is pregnant!! The puppies are due August 12-13th.

7/28/15 - Indy is getting huge!!!  Scroll down to see a picture of her big puppy belly!  Only 2 weeks left....

8/6/15 - We did an xray today to see how many babies we have.  We counted 9-10!!!  And the vet moved up her due date to Sat-Monday.  So, we may have a busy weekend!!!  So excited to see these little munchkins!! Scroll down to see the xray picture. Indy is pretty uncomfortable right now....

8/10/15 - Puppies are here!!!  We have 3 boys and 5 girls.  Mom and babies are doing great!  The humans are quite tired but Indy and the babies are doing well.  Scroll down for some early pictures.

9/21/15 - Puppies are doing great!  They are 6 weeks old today.  Getting outside and developing their personalities.  Will post some more pictures soon!

Peyton/Indy Puppies

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