CH. Galewinns Who's Your Daddy



CH. Galewinns Who's Your Daddy?

(BISS CH. Galewinns Spirit of Tramore x CH. Galewinns Tramore Mak'n An Impact)

Whelped 4/22/12  SR732785/02  Hips OFA Excellent    Thyroid OFA Normal

Chica is the girl that I kept out of the second Bagger/Blaise breeding - she lives with and is co-owned by Diane Kulesa.  She has a delightful temperament and reminds me so much of her mother.  She had 9 points and just needs her majors to finish.  She is maturing nicely and is such a nice dog.  Schuylar Moore is her handler in the ring and he does such a beautiful job with her. 

Chica is co-owned and lives with Diane Kulesa in Denver, Colorado.  Chica has such a nice life with Diane!!!  We will breed Chica after she is finished......

10/9/14 - Chica wins her first major at the Boise, ID shows under j. William Shelton.  One more major to go and she is finished!!

3/1/15 - Chica goes BOW at the Scottsdale, Arizona shows under j. Ken Murray for her final major!!  She is now a champion!!  Chica will be bred to CH. Carousel's Brown Eyed Handsome Man "Bayard" on her next season (June 2015).

S: 9/15/14