Lincoln is a lovely dog who finished his championship very young - he finished with 4 majors and at least one of them was a specialty majors.  This will be his second litter and we are so anxious to see what this 1/2 brother 1/2 sister combination produces.  This will be Boots second litter also.  They both have lovely temperaments and movement.  Obviously we will have black & tan puppies although there is some "color" behind Boots as she has 3 silver dapple littermates.  So, one never knows but I am expecting black & tan puppies.

11/6/09 - Puppies are here!!!!  We have 5 boys!!  Yes, that is right - 5 boys!!  Not a girl in the bunch which is a bummer.  We did a c-section and the puppies were really down with the anesthesia.  They are all home now but it was a long afternoon and we worked them a lot.  Three of them are nursing on their own now - two are having to be syringe fed but are swallowing fine and getting stronger every hour.  Please think good thoughts and say your prayers that these little guys all come through.  Miss Boots is doing fine - was a rough surgery but she is much better now.  Awake and starting to get possessive of the puppies which is GREAT!!

11/18/09 - Puppies are doing great and growing fast.  We have nicknamed the chocolate boy "pinto bean" lol.  They are all gaining weight nicely and nursing great.  No eyes open yet but won't be long. 

11/27/09 - Puppies all have their eyes open now - so far all the eyes are dark - even "pinto bean"!!  They are doing well - get handled a lot and socialized already.

12/15/09 - Sorry I have been so slow at posting pictures, etc.  I have been so busy with the irish setter puppies that I haven't gotten the website done as fast!!  The puppies are doing great - very outgoing and getting TONS of socialization.  We are really liking what we see from a conformation standpoint - they are VERY pretty pups.  Nice fronts on them and beautiful heads.  I promise I will be better at getting more pictures up!!

12/27/09 - We all got together tonight and stacked the puppies and took their pictures.  They sure are pretty puppies - the pictures really don't do them justice.  I was impressed with their beautiful fronts and wonderful toplines.  We also got very pretty heads for the most part. 

1/2/09  -  We had our "puppy party" tonight and we had a blast!!  Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped stack and socialize puppies (and helped me groom Beanie which took a village!!) lol.  Scroll down to see the 8 week pictures - would love to know opinions so anyone feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts.

1/13/09 - We are still looking for a wonderful pet home for the red boy.  Please email myself or Sherry if you are interested.

1/25/10 - The brown boy goes to his new home in Indiana.  Congrats to Jean Glore.  His new name is "Wally" and he is going to have a great life with Jean and her husband (and their 2 big red dogs!!).

1/26/10 - New pictures of puppies at 10 weeks old.  You will notice that green boy is missing - he wasn't feeling very good that day so we let him rest.  He is fine and is back to his old self so we will get a picture of him posted soon!!

2/5/10 -  Red boy goes to his new home - congrats to Addison and Diane Kulesa of Colorado.

2/17/10  - Green boy goes to his new home - Congrats to Lena Tamboer in New Jersey.  We are so thrilled that she has one of our "cowboys"!! 

Show & Pet inquiries welcome - please contact me at or feel free to call me at (970) 214-5328.  Sherry Ceplius of Kaycees Miniature Dachshunds will be co-breeding this litter with me - you may also contact her at

Boots & Puppies