MBISS GCHB CH BrambleBush Piper at The Gates of Dawn - “Declan”

"Declan" was Winner's Dog at the 2019 National in North Carolina.  I was standing ringside and while he was being judged I said outloud to myself - "I would put him up".  Then he went Winners Dog.  I loved his movement and breed type.  Fast forward to the 2021 National where Declan went Select Dog.  Once again I said "I love his movement and breed type".  So when I decided to breed Willow it only seemed right to look at Declan.  For more pictures and information on Declan visit his website at www.bramblebushirishsetters.com/declan.

CH. Galewinns Going Into Extra Innings

"Willow" is such a special girl.  She was out of frozen semen from my boy "Brewin" (who is now a service dog in Oregon).  She looks so much like her mother (Avery) but has some wonderful qualities of father (Brewin).  She was slow to mature just like her mother but once she matured a bit she finished so quickly.  I could watch Willow move all day - never puts a foot out of place and has such wonderful suspension in her gate.  She has a wonderful temperament and LOVES her ball.  I co-own Willow with Carol Petraitis who has become such a wonderful friend - I thank Willow for our friendship!

Show & Pet Inquiries are welcome.  The best way to contact me is via email at Pam@galewinns.com or through this website.  I will answer within 2-3 days.

9/28/2021 - Willow is in season.

10/6/2021 - Willow's progesterone was 2.2.

10/7/2021 - Willow's progesterone was 3.3.

10/8/2021 - Willow's progesterone was 4.4.

10/11/2021 - We shipped semen and a transcervical implant was done.  Everything went great and our timing looks perfect.  Now we wait...

11/8/2021 - We ultrasounded Willow and she is definitely pregnant!!!  So excited.

11/30/2021 - Willow is getting big!  She is starving and waddling lol

12/6/2021 - Xray done today - there are 9 puppies in there!!!  Can't wait - she is due Thurs-Sat.

12/9/2021 - The puppies are here!!!!  We have 9 healthy puppies - 5 girls and 4 boys.  All are doing great and Willow is a great mom.  The whelping took about 8 hours so perfect!  Scroll down for a video and pictures!

12/12/2021 - All the puppies are gaining weight great!  A couple of them are already over a pound.  Willow is a really good mom.  Got her out yesterday for a good run and she sure appreciated it.

12/13/2021 - Well crap - we lost 2 puppies.  Mom laid on the pink girl and the green boy and my heart is broken!!!  So dang hard - new moms sometimes just don't realize they are laying on a puppy.  This stuff happens but is so hard to move past....rough day!

12/22/2021 - Well the 7 puppies are doing great.  Eyes are starting to open and they are fat and happy.  They are bigger and stronger so we are relaxing as far as watching mom so she doesn't lay on any one.  Phew!!!

1/17/2021 - Puppies got moved downstairs today.  They how have a lot more room to explore and have access to a doggy door.  It will take them a week or so to learn the doggy door.  I am not going to push it because it is pretty cold outside.  I also have a play area downstairs so once they are comfortable in the new area I will let them out to play every night.  I have puppy agility equipment and developmental toys like a wobble board, tunnel, etc for them to explore.