"Rake" finished his championship easily at 15 months.  He then went on to earn obedience and agility titles AND is a Master Hunter Advanced.  I co-own Rake with Pat Skavlen, DVM and she has done an amazing amount of training with him.  I am truly grateful for all of the accomplishments that her and Rake have done together.  Rake has a beautiful headpiece, lovely topline, and best of all, a fabulous temperament.  H eis an easy dog to live with and gets along with all dogs. Rake has his own page on this website so feel free to check it out.

"Finesse" also finished her championship easily with some big wins.  She has an amazing body on her - lovely front and is so balanced.  I so enjoyed showing her.  She also has a great temperament and gets along with everyone.  She loves to be outside and is now living with my nephew in South Dakota - he is training her for the field as he is an avid hunter.  She also has her own page on this website so check it out also.  

These are both such versatile and talented dogs.  I am so excited for thiss breeding. Puppies will be due August 27-29th, 2021.  Pet and show inquiries welcome.  Best way to contact me is via email or through this website.

6/17/2021 - Finesse is in season.

6/27/2021 - I met my nephew and the family wedding (his brother got married) and I brought Finesse back home with me to Colorado.  We were able to get a breeding with Rake & Finesse that evening.

6/28/2021 - Another breeding was done.  I did a progesterone and she was 11.0 - perfect timing!!

6/29/2021 - Third breeding done.  Simma is enjoying having Finesse here to run with!!

7/4/2021 - Finesse goes back home with Jeremy and Danielle (as they came down for my son's wedding this weekend).  Always nice to have timing work out well!!

8/1/2021 - Finesse is DEFINATELY pregnant!!  So excited!

8/11/2021 - Finesse has gained over 10 lbs from her pregnancy!  I suspect we are going to have a big litter.

8/27/2021 - Finesse had her puppies today!!  We have 11 healthy babies - 6 girls and 5 boys! She had 15 puppies in there - we lost 4.  Heartbreaking but not unusual in such a big litter.  I am happy that Finesse whelped them naturally and didn't need a c-section.  She is being a great mom and other than being tired, she is fine.  Eating good and figuring out how to mother her brood.  Scroll down for pictures.

8/30/2021 - Puppies are 4 days old today.  I took them to CSU to get their dew claws removed.  Finesse and I took a long walk while they were working on the puppies.  Finesse handled it well and the puppies were glad to get back home and settled.  All are gaining weight and strong - hard to weigh them because they wiggle off the scale! lol

9/11/2021 - Puppies are all doing great!  Their eyes are open now and the are starting to cruise the whelping box.  I have done their nails twice and had to change their collars twice already.  They are chubby puppies (which I love!).  Finesse is a great mom!

9/16/2021 - Puppies are barking now - my favorite stage!  Scroll down for a video.

9/18/2021 - Puppies are hungry!  So, I fed them their first meal tonight - goats milk and puppy kibble blended up.  Such a mess but love watching them.  Finesse cleaned up all of the leftovers and licked the puppies clean! lol Scroll down for a "messy" video.

10/4/2021 - Sorry I haven't updated in a while - between the Irish puppies (the bigs) and the dachshund puppies (the littles) I haven't had a moment to spare.  

The babies are doing great - 5.5 weeks old now.  They are eating 3 squares a day and I started them on soaked kibble yesterday (so no more blending of puppy food yay!).  They are using their teeth and ate every bite!  I put them outside for the first time today - they had a ball!  Then I moved them to their new digs - an indoor/outdoor kennel where they have a lot more room to play.  It is attached to my "play room" where I have lots of puppy toys including tunnels, teeters, fit dog equipment, wobble board, etc.  I will start them "playing" tomorrow night.  They had a big day today and are tired! I also put them on the grooming table to stack them for the first time.  Pictures are below but please remember that this was the FIRST time they were on the table and stacked.  Overall, they did awesome!

10/7/2021 - Well puppies are loving going outside every evening.  I have a playroom set up in my basement where I have fit dog equipment, a teeter, tunnel, puppy a-frame, etc.  This is where I exercise my puppies in the winter.  So tonight they had their first play date - they had a ball!!  I am so proud of them - they are using the doggy door and pottying outside (which is amazing for almost 6 week old puppies!).  Sure makes my job easier!!  Scrool down for some fun pictures of them exploring.

10/14/2021 - We took stacked 6 week old pictures tonight - I was really pleased with how the puppies worked for us.  They now go outside for at least an hour every evening and then play down in the playroom on the puppy equipment for another hour.  I have so much fun watching them explore - they love the tunnel!!!  They are really pretty puppies and growing like weeks.  Scroll down for pictures.

10/16/2021 - We had our "puppy party" today - had friends/breeders over to evaluate the puppies.  Scroll down for puppy pictures.  I LOVE them all!



Pet and show inquiries are welcome.  Best way to contact me is email at Pam@galewinns.com or through this website.  Thank you!