Kibby/Cordie Puppies - Due Oct. 3, 2012

"Kibby" started his career with a bang - he was BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES at the 2010 National in Wisconsin at just 6 months old.  He finished his championship and was recently brought out as a "special" in the summer of 2012 to start on his Grand Championship.  In a very short period of time he garnered numerous group placements and Best of Breed wins.  However, his show career was cut short due to the tragic and sudden death of his human mom, Kim Kleinschmidt.  Kim was a dear friend of mine and I vowed to help place some of her dogs and to whelp and love these puppies as she would have.  She was so excited about this litter...and now, reeling in shock from Kim's death, I am getting excited as well.

Cordelia has also had a great career.  She finished with 4 majors and had multiple group wins as a young special.  Her human mother was also Kim who just adored Cordie.  She was previously bred to CH. Shadagee's One Red Scent and produced a lovely litter, with 3 of the litter already finished.  This will be her second litter.  Again, Kim was so excited about this litter and I am too.  I am hoping to find some wonderful show and pet homes that will love these puppies as much as Kim and I will.

 Inquiries welcome for show and pet puppies.  Please email me via this website or call me at (970) 214-5328 and leave a message and I will get back with you.

10/2/12 - Puppies are here!!!!   Cordie went into labor this am and easily whelped 6 puppies and then everything just "stopped".  So we took her immediately to the vet and we did an emergency c-section.  Unfortunately, we were not able to save the last two puppies and it just broke my heart.  But....I am sure that those two puppies are with Kim in heaven and are keeping her company.  She was so excited for these puppies...  The good news is that the remaining six puppies are doing great!!  They are nursing really well and Cordie is a fantastic mom.  Even after whelping and having surgery she never lets the puppies out of her sight.  I have posted some pictures below....enjoy the puppy breathe - I sure am!!!   There are five boys and one girl.

10/6/12 -  Puppies got their first nail trimming.  I also had to change their collars already as they were getting tight.  It really is amazing how fast they grow.  They are great nursers and Cordie is such a good mom that I don't have to do much but "supervise".

- Cordie got a bath and a nail trim today.  She is starting to feel much better.  She is walking with me about 1/2 mile a day - not bad just having surgery a week ago.  She is eating great and continues to be such a good mom.  The puppies are getting so FAT!! 

10/14/12 - Puppies got their second nail trim today and had to change their collars again!  They are getting more mobile and can "wobble walk" accross the whelping box.  The blue boy has his eyes open and the white boy is just starting.  Everyone else's eyes are still closed but wont be long...

10/23/12 - Hard to believe they are 3 weeks old today! All are doing great.  They are up walking around now and will come to me when I get in the whelping box.  They are hearing now and it is so funny to watch them flinch when they bark - they aren't sure where the noise is coming from.  More pictures posted....

- Had to start feeding them "real food" today.  They are draining Cordie dry and then are still hungry for more.  Sure didn't take them long to figure out about the new food - they scarfed it down!  Put a water bucket in their whelping box today - it was so funny to watch them try and figure out what it was and then the look on their faces when they tasted the water was priceless!  You could just see them thinking "where's the milk??"  They got a collar change and nail trim today.  They now recognize me when I come into the room and back at me to pick them up.  Too much fun....makes it hard to go to work everyday!!

11/7/12 - Cant believe the puppies are 5 weeks old as of yesterday!!  My how time flies....  I moved the puppies today from their whelping box upstairs to the kennel area downstairs.  I have 4 indoor/outdoor runs that my dogs are in only when I am at work.  The rest of the time the are in the  house, all together, with me.  It is a great area for the puppies to run and get more exercise.  They also learn to use the doggy door which makes my life a lot easier!!  And, they are getting so big that it is much easier to keep the puppy area clean.  They were a little nervous when I first put them in the "big area" but are quickly adapting.  Too cute to watch the puppies play with my dachshunds through the fence.  Cordie has pretty much weaned the puppies - she is ready "to get her life back! lol  Pictures posted below.

11/8/12 - I let the "kids" out in my basement tonight for the first time to run and play, I put an empty milkbone box down for them and it was so much fun to watch them figure out what it was.  They chased a ball and each other until they "pooped out".  It was a nice chance to get to see the puppies move - even at only 5 1/2 weeks old.  Scroll down for some pictures.

11/14/12 - Finally got my daughter to come over and help me take stacked pictures.  And then my camera wasn't working.  So took pictures with my phone - not the best quality but certainly better than nothing.  See below - they are 6 weeks old in these pictures.

11/21/12 - It is such a beautiful day here in Colorado today that the puppies got to go out in the "big yard" and explore.  They LOVED it and they sure enjoyed the sunshine.  They were all pretty brave.  Of course, the dachshunds were right there with them and led the way.  It is so fun to watch the puppies and the dachshunds play together - great socialization for all of them.  Just can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are outside in the sun and warmth!  For that I am very thankful!!

- Finally got help so that I could take stacked pictures.  Thanks Shea for your help with this!!!  Scroll down to see the puppies at 7 1/2 weeks old.

Kibby/Cordie Puppies