Shea & Bagger

Shea Jonsrud & Bagger

Shea & Bagger have been a team since May of 2008.  In that short time they have accomplished so much!!  They qualified for Eukanuba and for Westminster in only3 short months.  And...they already have 6 of the needed 10 wins to qualify for Westminster in 2010.  Shea is #1 Irish Setter Junior handler, #7 Sporting Group, and #13 all-breed.

This has been such an enjoyable adventure for me to watch.  Bagger was getting bored sitting on the couch at home when I retired him from the show ring.  He would get upset everytime I went to a show and left him behind.  So...I approached Shea to see if she would like to use Bagger as her juniors dog. they say...the rest is history.  Shea does such a beautiful job grooming and handling Bagger and he is having sooo much fun being back in the ring.  He actually stood at ringside with Shea and was pawing at the ring gate to get into the ring. 

It warms my heart to see the two of them together in the ring.  Sure makes the dog shows even more fun!