"Ridge" CH. Galewinns Mountain High

"Simma" BISS GCH. CH. Galewinns Simma Down

"Ridge" is a young dog that is out of the Finesse/Rake litter.  He has accomplished a lot in his short life so far - he finished his championship easily with 4 majors at 11 months old.  In fact, he went Best of Breed over 12 specials (including Simma!) to finish.  The judge's comment was "bring him back to me when he is older - he is going to be something special"!!  Ridge has a delightful temperament and is wiling to do anything.  He is currently training in agility and the field.  His sire is a Master Hunter Advanced and we think he has even more promise in the field.  He has a lovely front assembly, beautiful head peice, and pretty on his legs (moving).  He has a night straight dark coat and again, has such a wonderful temperament and eager to do any training.  

"Simma" is a once in a lifetime dog.  She finished her championship so easily with 4 majors - the first one at 6 months of age with a Best of Breed to beat 14 specials.  She is only 2 years old and has had some wonderful breed wins and a specialty win already under her belt.  We have shown her sparingly but plan to "special" her once she has her puppies and gets her coat back.  I also train Simma in agility and she is a rock star.   I debuted her at the National and she had 2 qualifiying runs that were lovely - we had a ball!  Her and I are going to have a fun time in the agility ring - she gives me a run for my money!! I can't wait to see what these two beautiful dogs can produce together.

Both parents have all of their health clearances - certificates provided upon request.


09/17/2022 - Simma is in season!

9/23/2022 - Simma's progesterone is 15!!  She is ready to breed.

9/23-25/2022 - Three AI's (artificial insemination) were done successfully.  Our timing was good so now we just "wait" to see if she is pregnant.  She will be due November 22-24 if she is pregnant.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed!!

10/18/2022 - I ultrasounded Simma and she is definitely pregnant!!!  So excited - she is due Nov. 22-24th.

11/17/2022 - Well...xray done today on Simma and it shows only ONE puppy in there.  So dissapointing as she sure looked bigger to me than that.  Well, it is what it is.  Now to get this one puppy here "on the ground" alive & well.

11/23/2022 - Well Simma was in the early stages of labor all day.  Shea stayed with her in the morning and I came home from work in the afternoon.  By 5pm she still wasn't doing anything.  Of course, the next day was Thanksgiving.  So I called the vet - they recommended we bring her in.  Long story short - we ended up doing a c-section Wednesday night about 7 pm.  Thank God the puppy was good - it was a big boy!  He weighed 16.2 oz at birth!  Brought Simma and the puppy home.  Simma is being a great mom so that is a relief.

11/30/2022 - Well puppy and Simma are doing good. Puppy is a week old today and weighs 30 ounces!  He is thriving and Simma is a great mom.  I am really enjoying spending time with him and Simma...just wish there were about 9 more puppies! :)

Because this was such a small litter, I am going to breed Finesse in December.  You can see her here on this website.  Please contact me if you are interested in a show or pet prospect.